It has been known for quite a long time as one of the best antivirus companies. Millions of people trust its program and use it on their Mac. Many people keep asking the question whether this anti-virus is safe to use. The answer is positive.

This anti-virus performs well when it comes to malware and virus safeguarding. It has a few extra features and is user-friendly. Still it’s worth considering several important things about Kaspersky before you start using it. We are going to discuss how well it protects Mac users against malware and what additional functions it possesses.

The removal of malware

To start with, real-time safeguarding is just perfect by Kaspersky, there is no doubt.

It has got a swift anti-ransomware detection and removal function since ransomware is a real threat for Mac and leads to billions of dollars being lost every year because ransomware is especially dangerous. This anti-virus program deals with this threat perfectly well and the removal is fast.

Scanner by Kaspersky to detect malware

The anti-virus scans Mac PCs all the time to find anything that can lead to concern. As different tests showed, it performed perfectly well. Kaspersky blocks any malware it finds in the system instantly.

In some tests, when computers were infected with ransomware on purpose, it was so fast in detecting it that it took the anti-virus program just a few moments to detect the threat and deal with it. The Quick Scan option for Mac works so fast so you can be sure your PC is protected.

One should remember that Quick Scan doesn’t find all the malware at once since it only scans some specific areas of the system.

This anti-malware program was tested and showed great results: it found 15/15 ransomware programs. It performed just like its rivals in various tests – Norton, McAfee, and BitDefender.

It is known that scanning slows down PCs but in tests Kaspersky didn’t slow down the operation at all. The PCs with Kaspersky worked at usual speed.

After all, the results of tests proved that even lowest-priced software can produce good results in terms of protection of the system.

This anti-virus stands out by offering ransomware safeguarding in all of its paid packages. Dealing with dangerous ransomware is quite a challenge for anti-malware and antivirus programs. So, for example, one of Kaspersky’s rivals – Panda – offers anti-ransomware safeguarding for a high price.