To put it short – no matter on what device you are working. Whether it is Mac, Android or PC – their browser or plugins can become a target for cybercriminals who want to put malware into your system. They may do it for the sake of money or to remove the competitor. If you are using a virtual private network (VPN), your devices are protected to some extend. But to ensure the highest level of encryption and security, you need to install a proper suite for malware protection.

You can choose either a free or paid antivirus option, but consider that paid programs are usually worth money as they use more efficient and stronger optimization and malware removal tools.

Today, Bitdefender for Mac is one of the leaders in the global cybersecurity industry. it is protecting more than 500 million systems in almost 150 states. Why has it gained the trust and loyalty of the customers? It not only provides effective eradication of malware but also performs the fastest scans of activities. Among Butdefender Antivirus’ main pros are small performance penalties, strong malware protection, reasonable price policy, and immediate scanning. 

Bitdefender’s malware removal

If you subscribe to a 1-year Antivirus plan, it will cost you $35.99. A two-year plan makes up $149.99, while a 3-years Total Security plan is $199.99. Also, consider that due to the coronavirus crisis, Bitdefender offers a 90-day free trial. We recommend Bitdefender malware remover to everyone who keeps easy customization, a hardened browser, and strong protection as priorities. It’s scanning radars do not slow the system, which is a huge plus as it does not weaken the PC performance.

The Antivirus will put your important items and files to an encrypted folder that cannot be deleted. There, Ransomware Remediation keeps duplicates of encrypted files so that the user can recover it automatically. What is more, Bitdefender protects your Mac against fraudulent applications, fileless threats, and annoying advertisements. 

Bitdefender’s Safe Files feature puts key items in a folder that can’t be changed or deleted, and its Ransomware Remediation saves copies of files that are being encrypted so they can be automatically recovered. You can also choose either a Movie- or a Game- mode to enjoy fewer system interruptions.