Former Avast subdivision, launched by Czech company, AVG has 100% of chances to break into your priority list. This app is developed for Windows and perfectly works on Mac. However, with competitors on the side, it may have some weak spots detected by the other users. Is it right or upgrading Mac with a new antivirus is not a bad idea?

AVG Antivirus is an expert in a malware of different kinds. It starts with a basic protection for all your devices. While the more limited antivirus apps look for well-known Trojans and worms, this program has been gone far enough to spot the possibly harmful files, which remain unknown and untouched for many other apps.

The core features of app’s subscription include:

  • Blocking viruses and spyware in real-time;
  • Scanning available and downloaded programs for potential threats;
  • Automatic security updates about Mac status;
  • Reminding about fake websites and blocking access to them (for Internet Security version);
  • Anti-phishing protection (for Internet Security version).

AVG: Malware Detected and Removed with No Time Difference

AVG has reached high levels in various independent tests and proved its powerful software for damaged gadgets. It provides protection from suspicious links, undesirable browser add-ons. The app fights 0-day threats by alerting about unknown (and potentially harmful) files from opening, and then sends these files to AVG Threat Labs to be tested better.

However, the overall market analysis puts former Avast product on top of most of the antivirus apps, there are might be some contradictory aspects to consider. Take a look at the “cons”: the system impact is noticeable (slowing down is highlighted in the reviews), and the false-positive alerts take place. 

Does AVG Remove Malware Effectively: “End of Story” Guide

Given the above-mentioned points, this app is a proper choice when the basic protection against malware suits a customer. Whenever you’d like to upgrade the security system to the wider range of working aspects, you may as well get your Mac cleared from the files you need. The only advice here is – don’t get distracted by “the best” choice, because your gadget and your data are still your priorities.

In other words, AVG removes malware in a fast way; the only thing you need is to be aware of slowing down the work speed and false alerts. However, all the changes are temporary until you upgrade the antivirus to a better version.