It is popular worldwide, indeed, mainly because it has a free of charge version. Avast presents its award-winning engine to scan the computer in order to find any malware. The technology of “Cyber Capture” detects and blocks strange programs, and controls Wi-Fi networks. There is also the famous browser “Safe Zone”.

This protection solution is user-friendly for Mac users. There are four security elements in it: Mail Shield, Behavior Shield, Web Shield, and Field Shield. You can switch some of them and turn off the others which you don’t need. Another advantage of Avast is its relatively cheap service, with a free of charge option and “Pro” ones available to all Mac users. A subscription for one year costs around USD 15. In case you decide against a Pro version, there is a 60-day trial version. The “Pro” version secures online banking and protects you against all malware out there. There is “a sandbox”, which allows launching an app or opening a program and checking if it has viruses, without any threat to your computer.

A lot of free apps try often to make Mac users pay for subscription but it is not the case with Avast. You can find some buttons to upgrade the program when pressed to redirect you to the page of subscription but this is not tricky and everything is transparent. The user can decide themselves if they really need additional features and services for money.

It is also transparent in the way how the app collects data while in use. Avast informs the Mac users from the outset that it gathers some data anonymously, with the purpose of further funding the development. However, you can turn this feature off if you are concerned about privacy and you don’t want some data to be collected and sent for someone to use it in their own way.

Effective malware deletion by Avast Company

The company has recently tested some of its services, including its Anti-Virus software for Mac and this software got six out maximum six points in terms of protecting users against malware. It has found all evil and dangerous programs during the test run. Also, its version for Android did perfectly and found 100% of malware.

 Is it the best protection against malware?

You can be sure that a good protection offer is offered to you. The free version of Avast isn’t as perfect as the Pro one, it is still one of the best safeguard online.